Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 73, No 2 (2008)

Influence of Hops Pellets Age on α-acids Utilization and Organoleptic Quality of Beer

Siniša SREČEC, Tonči REZIĆ, Božidar ŠANTEK, Vladimir MARIĆ

Pages: 103-107


Parallel brewing trials were performed in laboratory brewery. For beer wort hopping, hop pellets of different age (“slightly aged” and “strongly aged” one) and storage indexes (0.35 and 0.59, respectively) were used. During brewing were measured bitterness, utilization of α-acids and index of α –acids isomerization. Mature beers were evaluated by panel taste testing. The results of panel testing, based on beer bitterness, drink ability and aroma, by universal flexible system of product quality evaluation, showed no significant difference between two beers. Therefore it was concluded that old hop pellets with high hop storage index values (0.59) could be used for beer wort hopping when fresh hop supply is missing. However such solution needs prolonged wort boiling, more energy consumption and colour of hopped wort and final beer is more intensive.


hop pellets type 90; α –acids; hop storage index (HSI); index of α –acids isomerization; utilization of α –acids; universal flexible system of product quality evaluation

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