Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 4 Suppl. (1998)

Research on the Quality a Mechanised Method of Treating Potato Tuber Before Planting


Pages: 315-323


The potato is the third most important crop in Croatia. The planted surface is 60.000-65.000 hectare. The value of the crop depends on the quality of tubers. The damaged tubers have a minor value. Therefore it is important to prevent damages caused by soil insect pests, especially wireworms.
Until recently, only two granular insecticides were registered to protect potato tubers from soil insects. Recently, in 1996, a new insecticide was registered (imidacloprid) for seed tuber treatment before planting. It is expected that some other insecticides, but also fungicides, applied by tuber treatment will be registered soon. In order to make possible such treatment an equipment was constructed in which most parts from the usual sprayer were used. By using this equipment mounted on a planting machine the planting process was slowed down only 7,5-8%.
The biological effects of such a mechanised treatment used in macrotials were compared with treatments in microtrials in which tubers were sprayed by hand sprayers ensuring an ideal distribution of the insecticide. The parameters were: the influence on the plant development, the degree of tuber protection from soil insects, the efficacy on the colorado potato beetle and the achieved yields. The results obtained by the mechanised and the hand treatments were equal or similar, thus confirming the good quality of the spray distribution of the constructed equipment and its applicability in the Croatian agriculture.


potato; tuber treatment

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