Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 70, No 3 (2005)

QTL Detection for Agronomic Traits in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.)

Carmen Maria AVILA, Zlatko ŠATOVIĆ, Josefa Carmen SILLERO, Salvador NADAL, Diego RUBIALES, Maria Teresa MORENO, Ana Maria TORRES

Pages: 65-73


Complex agronomic traits are normally under polygenic control. The traits evaluated in faba bean in the present study may be grouped into three main categories: floral characters, yield distribution and yield characters, according to other authors. A F2 population derived from the cross 29H x Vf 136 was used for QTLs analysis. A total of 15 QTLs were detected for 8 out of 10 traits evaluated. The analysis detected 2, 5 and 8 QTLs for floral characters, yield distribution traits and yield characters, respectively. QTLs for different traits co-localized in three regions of the map located in linkage groups 3, 4 and 13, which suggests the existence of common pleiotropic genes for the control of these traits. Alternatively, these regions might be hot-spots QTLs, i.e. chromosomic regions with several QTLs controlling different traits as reported for several organisms.
The present work constitutes a first step towards the identification of molecular markers for agronomic traits, some of them yield related, in faba bean. After validation, the putative QTLs detected in this work will provide valuable tools for pyramiding QTLs of all these traits in a faba bean breeding program.


Vicia faba; agronomic traits; QTLs; breeding

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