Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 71, No 4 (2006)

Micropropagation as Means of Rapid Multiplication of Newly Developed Blackberry and Black Currant Cultivars

Djurdjina RUŽIĆ, Tatjana LAZIĆ

Pages: 149-153


Newly developed blackberry cultivar Čačanska bestrna was successfully micropropagated. For black currant, cv Čačanska crna further research should be done to optimize conditions for successful multiplication. Buds from the branches cut during dormancy (end of January) were used as the initial explants and set to develop under laboratory conditions at room temperature. Aseptic culture was established on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium with BA 2.0, IBA 0.5 and GA3 0.1 mg 1-1. MS media with BA and IBA or NAA and GA3 were used for multiplication phase, whereas medium MS with mineral salts reduced to 1/2, organic complex unchanged according to MS, with 1.0 mg 1-1 IBA, 0.1 mg 1-1 GA3 and 1g 1-1 of active charcoal was used in the rooting phase. Well developed root system and high quality of rooted plants induced a high percentage of acclimatization (100%) of cv Čačanska bestrna under the ‘myst’ system in greenhouse whereas the percentage of acclimatization of cv Čačanska crna was low, 40%.


blackberry; black currant; micropropagation; in vitro

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