Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 67, No 1 (2002)

Efficiency of Mineral and Organic Fertilization and Liming in Growing Maize and Winter Wheat

Ivica KISIĆ, Ferdo BAŠIĆ, Milan MESIĆ, Anđelko BUTORAC

Pages: 25-33


Efficiency of different rates of mineral and organic fertilizers and lime materials upon the yield of maize and winter wheat grain was studied in an exact field trial set up on Mollic Gleysols. The trial was set up according to the randomized block method with four replications. Changes in the soil chemical complex were also monitored. The results presented in the paper show that, besides mineral and organic fertilization, also liming rendered significantly higher yields than the check treatment and relatively higher yields than treatments involving mineral fertilizers. In first year of investigation the highest yield of maize grain of 9,79 t ha-1 was achieved by the combination of the higher mineral fertilizer rate (N 200 - P2O5 160 - K2O 200 kg ha-1) and the higher rate of farmyard manure (40 t ha-1). Next year the highest yield of winter wheat grain of 5,85 t ha-1 was achieved by the combination of the higher mineral fertilizer rate and the higher rate of limestone (12 t ha-1). Preliminary results point to the conclusion that liming combined with higher mineral fertilizer rates and farmyard manure, as a measure of improving unfavourable physical and chemical properties of acid soils might be fully justified.


mineral fertilization; liming; farmyard manure; maize; winter wheat; mollic gleysols

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