Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 81, No 3 (2016)

Vegetative and Reproductive Traits of Young Peaches and Nectarines Grown under Red Photoselective Net

Marko VUKOVIĆ, Mia BRKLJAČA, Jasna RUMORA, Mladen FRUK, Mushtaque A. JATOI, Tomislav JEMRIĆ

Pages: 181-185


The effect of red photoselective net on yield per tree (g), yield efficiency (g·cm-2) leaf surface (cm2), fruit diameter (mm), fruit mass (g), fruit firmness (kg·cm-2) and soluble solids concentration (SSC) (%Brix) on young peach (‘Sugar Time’) and nectarine (‘Big Bang’) trees was studied. No significant differences were recorded for yield, yield efficiency and SSC on peach as well for all fruit quality parameters on nectarine. Both peach and nectarine trees grown under red net had significantly higher leaf surface (37.82 and 40.72 cm2, respectively) than in control (23.85 and 26.14 cm2, respectively). Peach fruits grown under red net had significantly higher fruit diameter (70.97 mm), fruit mass (163.73 g) and lower fruit firmness (2.12 kg·cm-2) than in control (65.24 mm, 135.84 g, and 3.04 kg·cm-2, respectively). It was concluded that red photoselective net has a positive effect on vegetative growth of peach and nectarine, and on majority of fruit quality parameters of peach, while on nectarine fruit quality there are no evident differences. Further research must be continued to verify these preliminary findings.


nectarine, peach, photoselective net, fruit quality

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