Vol 64, No 4 (1999)

Landscape Architecture

Table of Contents

Editorial note

Landscape as a research problem PDF

Original scientific paper

Assessment of Garden Dwelling Potential Applying the Method of Semantic Differential Summary PDF
Branka ANIČIĆ 243-251
Landscape Typology as the Basis for Landscape Protection and Development Summary PDF
Janez MARUŠIČ 269-274
The Gjorgjić-Mayneri Park on the Island of Lopud-Time of Innception and Characteristics of Ground-plan Design Summary PDF
Bruno ŠIŠIĆ 287-293

Review article

Planning Urbanization Inside Natural Urban Landscapes\mHabitat Mapping as a Part of a Complex Landscape Planning Process Summary PDF
Davorin GAZVODA 253-258
Cultural Landscapes as Symbols of National Identity-Protection or Change? The Shifting Aspects of Landscape Identity Summary PDF
Ana KUČAN 259-268
Alternative Proposals and Landscape Protection Summary PDF
Aleš MLAKAR 275-285