Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 79, No 3 (2014)

Effects of IBA and Putrescine on Root Formation of Olive Cuttings


Pages: 191-194


Semi-hardwood cuttings of olive cv. ‘Tokhmkabki’ (low rooting ability) and cv. ‘Roghani’ (high rooting ability) were obtained from 1-year-old shoots. Cuttings were dipped in 2000, 4000, and 6000 mg L-1 IBA, 150 or 300 mg L-1 putrescine and their combination before rooting in greenhouse equipped with an automatic mist system. Rooting ability was evaluated four months after planting for each treatment. Satisfactory rooting occurred when IBA was applied with putrescine, whereas cuttings treated with IBA or putrescine alone showed a limited capacity of rooting in both cultivars. The greatest rooting percentage for cv. ‘Roghani’ was detected when IBA at 4000 mg∙L-1 + putrescine 300 at mg∙L-1, IBA at 4000 mg∙L-1 + putrescine at 150 mg∙L-1 were applied. For cv. ‘Tokhmkabki’ the most successful treatments were IBA at 6000 mg∙L-1 + putrescine at 150 mg∙L-1 and IBA at 6000 mg∙L-1 + putrescine at 300 mg L-1. The current findings confirm that putrescine can be a useful substance for increasing rooting percentage and root quality in cuttings of olive cultivars.


1,4- diaminobutane; indol-3-butyric acid; olive; polyamine; rooting ability; semihardwood cuttings

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