Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 72, No 3 (2007)

Gluten-Free Bread Production by the Corn Meal and Soybean Flour Extruded Blend Usage

Duška ĆURIĆ, Dubravka NOVOTNI, Dubravka TUŠAK, Ingrid BAUMAN, Domagoj GABRIĆ

Pages: 227-232


The most common disease caused by cereal protein ingestion is celiac disease. This can be treated only by a diet that excludes all foods containing wheat, barley, rye and oat proteins. Corn meal (CM) and defatted soybean fl our (DSF) blend processed by High Temperature Short Time (HTST) extrusion cooking for gluten-free bread production was investigated. Corn meal and soybean fl our were extruded in three different proportions (w/w): 100 CM / 0 DSF; 87.5 CM / 12.5 DSF; 75 CM / 25 DS. After milling extruded fl our blends were combined in a 1:1 mixture with rice fl our for gluten-free bread making. Rheological properties of dough (viscosity and water absorption), baking characteristics, dough and bread yield, were investigated with or without different hydrocolloids addition. Protein content and sensory properties of the gluten-free breads were determined. Bread produced with extruded blend of 75 CM / 25 DSF with addition of guar gum had the biggest volume, the best crumb elasticity, softness and porosity. All bread samples made of extruded flours had high protein content (more than 10% db) and good sensory properties.


gluten-free bread; rice; corn extrudate; hydrocolloid; dough rheology

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