Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 79, No 4 (2014)

Comparison of the Meat Quality of Turopolje, German Landrace x Turopolje and German Landrace x Pietrain Pigs


Pages: 253-259


im of the study was to evaluate, if the mixed breed German Landrace x Turopolje (L x T) was suitable for conventional fattening and the production of high quality palatable meat. Hence, we chose to study the carcass characteristics of three different breeds: true bred Turopolje (T x T) (n=15), an autochthonous Croatian breed, German Landrace x Pietrain (L x P) (n=19), a typical German pig hybrid and German Landrace x Turopolje (L x T) (n=23) as mixed breed. All three breeds were kept in a conventional fattening indoor system. The data consisted of the chemical and physical values of the carcass and the difference between breeds during breeding and fattening. All pigs were fattened with a conventional ad libidum feeding system. The feed consisted of an optimal mixture for the fattening of L x P. The daily feed intake and the weight from birth until the end of the fattening was recorded every 14 days. The quality of the carcass was evaluated at the age of 20 and 25 weeks. The measurement of the carcass was based on the “Richtlinie für die Stationsprüfung auf Mastleistung, Schlachtkörperwert und Fleischbeschaffenheit beim Schwein” published by the national German control office. L x T showed the lowest feed intake per kg carcass compared to the other breeds. The quality of meat was characterized by pH, conductance, intramuscular fat and water holding capacity. L x T showed a trend for a lower conductance in week 25. The value of pH and water holding capacity was not significant between the breeds. Surprisingly, the intramuscular fat of L x T was by trend higher compared to L x P and significantly lower than T x T (p < 0.05). L x T had by trend a higher carcass weight and a larger carcass length compared to L x P, which was significantly higher than T x T (p < 0.05). In conclusion, the new breed L x T seems to be suitable for an indoor fattening system and produces a high quality palatable meat. The energy and protein intake should be slightly reduced, which would reduce the cost of meat production.


carcass, intramuscular fat, hybrid pig, Turopolje pig breed

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