Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 78, No 3 (2013)

Influence of C489T SNP at MYOD1 Gene on Carcass, Meat Quality Traits and Chemical Composition of Hybrid Pigs


Pages: 193-196


Study was carried out on 82 hybrid pigs with the aim to investigate influence of g.489C>T SNP of MYOD1 on carcass traits, meat quality and on chemical composition of longissimus dorsi muscle. Slaughter was carried out at approximately 110, 125 and 150 kg live weight. Carcass lengths from os pubis to atlas and from os pubis to 1st rib, ham length (from os calcaneus to os ichium) and its circumference, pH45 and pH24 at semimembranosus and longissimus dorsi muscles and electrical conductivity were determined at slaughter line. Loin eye and fat area according to Comberg (1978), CIE L*a*b* colour coordinates, drip loss by “bag method”, cooking loss and shear force were measured in laboratory at longissimus dorsi muscle.
Contents of intramuscular fat, protein, moisture and collagen were determined by FoodScan™ Meat Analyser. Pig DNA was isolated from animal tissue and genotyped for C489T substitution at MYOD1 gene. Genotype frequencies were 20.73%, 36.58% and 42.68% for CC, TT and CT, respectively. C489T mutation influenced all carcass traits, where CT genotype showed preferable values in carcass lengths, ham length, its circumference and loin eye area indicating its potential use as marker for improved pig carcass traits. Influence of C489T SNP was observed for pH45 in semimembranosus muscle and both pH45 and pH24 in longissimus dorsi muscle. The same genotype showed favourable values for all three traits.


pigs; C489T SNP; MYOD1; carcass and meat quality traits; chemical composition

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