Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 72, No 3 (2007)

Optimization of Soybean Press Cake Treatments and Processing

Dumitru TUCU, Traian FLESER

Pages: 195-198


This paper presents some results given by a systemic study of methods used in soybeans press cake treatment and processing. The influence of raw materials on soybean pressing system and the parameters of extrusion process are analyzed. Principally, the experiments confirm the influences of heat process parameters in case of soybean press cakes production using classic solutions and microwave energy. These experiments start up by manufacturing soybean press cake in industrial conditions at “S.C. International romoster srl” –Dudestii Vechi, Timis County. For ensuring the best conditions, the experimental stand included an extruder, a system for toasting the soybeans press cake, a system for parameters’ control and the system for ensuring the processing of water. The following possibilities were analyzed: (1) Soybeans press cake obtained by the classical method without toasting at pressure of extrusion p1 = 75 kgf cm-2 and flow Q1 = 800 kg h-1; (2) Soybeans press cake obtained at pressure of extrusion head p2 = 85 kgf cm-2 and flow Q2 = 600 kg h-1; (3) Soybeans press cake obtained at pressure of extrusion head p3 = 95 kgf cm-2 and fl ow Q3 = 300 kg h-1; Using this application we tested a new method for treatment and studied the special systems which can be applied in industrial practice at “S.C. International romoster srl” – Dudestii Vechi, Timis County. During the testings and researches the variation of electrical permeability was observed. Differences between theoretical equation and practical results in calculus and energy measurement in the workspace were noticed.


raw materials; ureasic activity; optimization; treatment; microwave

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