Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 77, No 3 (2012)

Influence of the Organic Fertilizer Conditon the Content of Heavy Metals and Soil Chemical Properties


Pages: 119-126


Effect of amendment Condit on the mobility and uptake of Cd, Pb and Ni by crops, such as peas, spring barley, carrot and red beet, and selected chemical soil properties was tested in a field trial in years 2006–2008. Experimental field was situated close by sources of pollution, chemical factory Chemko Strážske and waste dump. The soil at experimental area was highly contaminated mainly by Cd. Heavy metals content was tested in the following parts of the crops: pea seed, spring barley green mater, carrot root and red beet root. Heavy metals content in soil and plant samples was detected in 2M HNO3 solution by the AAS method. It was found that Condit reduced Cd content in the soil under each cultivated crop. The most considerable Cd reducing (77.2%) was at treatment with pea. The reduction of Pb and Ni content in the soil after Condit application was markedly lower as in the case of Cd, in comparison with control treatment. Positive effect of tested amendment Condit on reduction of Cd uptake was found by all crops under test. The best effect of Condit was found in carrot. Content of Cd in the carrot root was lower for about 55% compared with control treatment without amendment. Soil organic carbon content was significantly higher at treatment with Condit in comparison with control treatment. Measured content of soil organic carbon was higher by 1.16 g kg-1. The changes of soil carbon were insignificant at control treatment. Tested amendment Condit had significant impact on uptake of all measured heavy metals by plants. The result suggests that most significant impact had Condit on uptake of Cd. The measured amounts were the lowest of evaluated heavy metals.


soil contamination; amendment; cadmium; lead; nickel; immobilization

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