Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 72, No 4 (2007)

Statistical Evaluation of Dynamic Changes of ‘Idared’ Apples Colour During Storage


Pages: 311-316


Colour changes on fruit during storage from brighter to darker nuances are caused by chemical reactions which oft en have degradative changes as a consequence. In this paper, evaluation of colour changes was done in CIE Lab colour model by using Minolta colorimeter CR-300 and in RGB colour model by applying digital image analysis method. In the aim of increasing of sample representativity analyzed apples were taken from different positions on trees and from different trees in orchard that was planted in 1983. Apples were harvested at a big commercial orchard in two different harvest times during one season. 30 apple pieces of Idared cultivar were analyzed immediately after harvest and periodically during storage for 20 weeks at 0 oC and 85-88% relative humidity. Apple temperature of all analyzed samples during storage period was T=0±0.4 oC. Mean colour change of apple skin determined in CIE Lab was ΔEab=1.53, while in RGB color model was ΔERGB=1.81. Total apple skin colour changes in Lab colour model was ΔEab=5.90, while in RGB colour model was ΔERGB=8.48. Both methods showed apple skin colour changes in the same way. Correlation between results was found to be 0.32 (p


‘Idared’; storage; colour; CIE Lab; RGB

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