Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 4 (2011)

Use of SNP Markers Within the Fat Mass and Obesity-associated (FTO) Gene to Verify Pedigrees and Determine Haplotypes in Paternal Half-sib Families of Slovenian Simmental Cattle

Daša JEVŠINEK SKOK, Tanja KUNEJ, Andrej RENČELJ, Andrej RAZPET, Peter DOVČ, Silvester ŽGUR, Nežika PETRIČ, Martina PLANINC, Špela MALOVRH, Milena KOVAČ, Simon HORVAT

Pages: 333-336


The objective of this preliminary study was to identify SNP markers within the FTO gene for evaluation of pedigree data accuracy and determination of haplotypes in paternal half-sib families of Slovenian Simmental cattle. Out of 23 polymorphic SNPs identified ten most informative SNPs for genotyping 31 sires and 56 half-sib progeny were used. The ATLAS program was used for paternity testing. Haplotype analysis revealed three haplotype blocks. The effect of SNPs “ex2 T>C” and “int2 indel*>T” was significant on three correlated carcass traits: live weight at slaughter (P= 0.03), carcass weight (P= 0.038), and lean weight (P= 0.048). The FTO gene can thus be regarded as a candidate for the marker assisted selection programs in our and possibly other populations of cattle. Future studies in cattle might also reveal novel roles of the FTO gene in carcass traits on livestock species as well as fatness control in other mammals.


cattle; growth; FTO; SNP; haplotype

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