Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 4 (2011)

Partitioning of Genetic Trends by Origin in Croatian Simmental Cattle

Marija ŠPEHAR, Zdenko IVKIĆ, Vesna BULIĆ, Zdravko BARAĆ, Gregor GORJANC

Pages: 301-304


The objective of this study was to partition genetic trend for milk (protein yield) and meat (net daily gain) traits by the origin of selection in Croatian Simmental cattle. In order to evaluate overall genetic trend, breeding values were averaged by the year of birth and origin. Origin was defined as a country where animal was initially registered. Overall genetic trend for protein yield was positive. The relative effect of three origins on the overall genetic trend for protein yield was 43.5% for Germany, 33.9% for Croatia, and 22.1% for Austria at the end of analysed period. Genetic trend for net daily gain was also positive. The Croatian and German partitions had large contribution to the overall genetic trend, while small partition was attributed to the Austrian origin. At the end of analysed period, the relative effect of these three origins on the overall genetic trend for net daily gain was 57.0% for Croatia, 38.5% for Germany, and 4.5% for Austria. Selection work originated from Austria, Croatia, and Germany had effect on genetic trend in Croatia. Other origins did not contribute notably to the overall genetic trend of both traits.


genetic trends; origin; protein yield; net daily gain; Simmental cattle

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