Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 4 (2011)

Carcass Quality of Slaughtered Cika and Brown Cattle in Slovenia

Mojca SIMČIČ, Marko ČEPON, Silvester ŽGUR

Pages: 287-290


The aim of the study was to compare carcass traits between Cika and Brown cattle of all slaughter categories. The data used were collected in Slovenian slaughterhouses from 2007 to 2010. After the slaughter carcass weight was recorded and carcass conformation and fatness were scored according to the EUROP system. Net daily gain was calculated. Data were analysed by GLM procedure of statistical package SAS/ STAT considering breed, month of the slaughter and year of the slaughter nested within the breed as fixed effects. Cika bulls (under 24 months old) were two months younger at slaughter (20.2 months) and achieved lower carcass weight (266.7 kg) compared to Brown bulls (22.4 months, 330.0 kg). Also in all other categories except in calves under eight months old, Brown cattle had higher carcass weight. Bulls under 24 months old, steers, cows and calves over eight to 12 months old of Brown cattle were older at slaughter compared to Cika breed. Net daily gain was also higher in all slaughtered categories of Brown cattle. Even if the slaughtered Brown cattle had heavier carcass weight compared to Cika cattle there was almost no significant difference in carcass conformation. Carcasses of Cika bulls under 24 months old had conformation 6.4 while Brown bulls 6.3. Likewise carcasses of Cika calves over eight to 12 months had higher conformation score (5.7) than Brown (4.8) calves. Fatness was higher in Brown bulls, steers and heifers compared to Cika cattle, while Cika cows had higher fatness than Brown cows.


cattle; Cika; Brown; carcass quality

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