Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 73, No 1 (2008)

Concept of Methodological Approach to the Info Systems Design


Pages: 59-65


This paper deals with the approach to integral information systems (IIS) from the view of: concept, strategy and info-methodology. Business-motivation aspect is important in establishing the informatization strategy and IIS design determining the areas and expected effects of informatization. From the infotechnology view, the above mentioned factors should provide more efficient support to management as well as modernization of Croatia‘s economy. Business operations are the main ground in defining strategy of the economy informatization both in the world and at home. This paper analyses a concept as a basis defining the essence of development strategy of info-methodology suitable for the transitional period of our economy development. The paper also introduces new components of the system integrity based on the integrity analysis, both vertically and horizontally, contributing to a new concept of strategic and information methodological (CSIM) approach, making it more efficient under given conditions than the others, which are applied today in traditional info-methodological approach in our transitionally determined economy. After the analysis, the next step determines the model of current business activity, which from the view of the concept, is naturally joined to the CSIM approach. Based on the CSIM approach, the paper deals with infofunction correlation applying comparative analysis with regard to the relation between data and information resources. Finally, the paper puts forward new possibilities created by introducing the classification in making prototypes of the CSIM approach implementation.


info systems; design; informatization; CSIM

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