Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 1 (2011)

Mineral Composition of Clay Fraction of the Chernozems Spread out in Ovče Pole in Republic of Macedonia


Pages: 71-75


The results of mineral composition of the clay fraction of the chernozems spread out in Ovče Pole are presented. The mechanical composition of the soil samples show high domination of the physical clay and clay fractions in the soil separates, what is one of the reasons for strong influence on the physical and physical-mechanical properties of the soil. The clay content is dominant in the soil separates fraction and varies from 23.60% to 56.90%, or 36.23% average. The average content of physical sand and physical clay fractions is 42.20% and 57.80% respectively. Analysis of the mineral composition of clay in its entirety showed that no one of the minerals in the analyzed chernozem samples is not in absolute domination, but there is evident higher presence of clay minerals with 2:1 lattice type (vermiculite, illite and smectites) in comparison with 1:1 lattice type (kaolinite). This shows that our variety of vertical chernozems has little deteriorated physical and physical-mechanical properties compared with typical chernozems.


chernozems; mineral composition; clay; physical-mechanical properties

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