Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 1 (2011)

Soil Degradation and Soil Value in Slovakia – Two Problems with Common Denominator


Pages: 9-14


Soil use is oft en accompanied by its degradation. Immediate reason of soil degradation in agriculture is the non-respecting the principles of good agricultural practice. Giving long-term precedence to production function over remaining ecological ones as well as supporting the land consumption for economy development by governmental bodies are next reasons of soil degradation and mirror the societal values and priorities.
Soil provides many services that in soil science are defined as soil functions. Besides biomass production the soil provides ecological and socio-economic functions. Use of soil and its functions is closely linked to soil ecological, societal and economic values. Preference to economic interests together with reluctance to search compromise solutions is oft en manifesting in soil degradation. Economic valuation of soil and its ecological functions is considered a possible way for improvement of soil protection especially in modification of soil price at its permanent consumption. In spite of that financial values can not be used as a base for forming of ethical values, which are imminently connected with human approach towards soil and its degradation, and which are essentially needed by global society. Ethical human values, based on basic beliefs and convictions, influence of human attitude to the soil, and they influence on soil use can be considered as common denominator of soil degradation and soil value, respectively.


soil; soil functions; soil degradation; soil value; economic valuation

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