Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 75, No 2 (2010)

Non–native Plants of the Plešivica Mountains (Northwestern Croatia)


Pages: 51-56


During the floristic research (2003-2006) of the Plešivica mountains (northwestern Croatia) 14 non-native (alien) plants were registered. An analysis of their habitat, taxonomical position, time of immigration, invasive status in Croatia, origin and life forms is presented in this report. Habitats without any alien species are mainly native beech forests, while those with more non-native species are mostly hedge-rows, forest openings and path rims. Half of the taxa belongs to the Asteraceae family and half are therophytes. Eight species are neophytes, all of them invasive alien species (IAS), while the others are archaeophytes. Most of the neophytes originated from North America. The Plešivica mountains is still a very stable forest system, but the most dangerous IAS plants, numerous within human influenced habitats, representing a potential threat for natural forests.


Plešivica mountains; Croatia; flora; non-native (alien) plants; invasive alien species (IAS)

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