Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 73, No 2 (2008)

Influence of Fermentation Temperature on the Quality of ‘Žilavka’ Wines


Pages: 127-130


‘Žilavka’ is the autochthonous white grape variety of Herzegovina and there is a great interest of local winemakers to produce ‘Žilavka’ wines, which are characterized with a fine balance between the fermentation bouquet and grapebased aromas. The fermentation temperatures of some wineries in Herzegovina often can exceed 30°C what results with inferior overall wine quality. In this research changes in concentration of higher alcohols and sensory properties caused by fermentation at diff erent temperatures in ‘Žilavka’ wines were investigated. Compared to fermentation at the temperature above 26°C, fermentation at 15°C and 20°C caused signifi cant decrease in the concentration of total higher alcohols and individual isoamyl alcohol and isobutanol only in one year of the research. There were no differences in concentration of 1-propanol and ethyl acetate among all tested wines in both years. The best sensory evaluated were the wines fermented at 20°C, while the wines produced at the temperature above 25°C were of the most inferior quality.


fermentation temperature; higher alcohols; sensory properties

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