Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 2 (2011)

Spatial Development Potential Considering Conservation Planning Criteria



The paper focuses on the issues of possible differences in the decision considering spatial allocation of land use and its potential and optimized allocation that derives from suitability modeling. The researched area was Žumberak- Samoborsko gorje Nature Park, one of the youngest Croatian nature parks. As such, it should have a physical plan of the special features areas, in order to know its potential and limitations. There is no such plan yet, so protection measures and development is relinquished to cities and municipalities, within whose territory the Park is situated. One of the municipalities is Ozalj, and it is used in the paper as an example for the analysis of physical planning approach for Žumberak- Samoborsko gorje Nature Park. By the survey of Physical plan of Ozalj municipality, a random selection was used to choose one activity that was planned in the area and for that activity dual spatial analysis was created. It included spatial attractiveness and vulnerability analysis. The results of the analysis have shown whether, in addition to spatial attractiveness criteria, spatial vulnerability criteria was taken into consideration when deciding on the location for the winter sports center. The analysis has also shown whether the Physical plan was in favor of the municipality development or was the fact that it is a Nature Park, designed as the protected area of natural and cultural values, also considered relevant.


suitability; physical plan; activity; conservation

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