Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 74, No 3 (2009)

Agricultural Potential for Biogas Production in Croatia

Biljana KULIŠIĆ, Vjekoslav PAR

Pages: 215-220


Biogas is renewable energy source with strong local character as its production depends on availability and type of feedstock at a certain location. Utilisation of slurry, manure and beddings from cattle, pig, horse, poultry and other animal breeding together with energy rich substrates such as crops and other organic materials as biogas substrates creates an interesting option both from technical and economic perspective. Other materials suitable for anaerobic digestion are comprised of various residues from agriculture (crops and vegetables), residues from food processing industry and energy crops (maize silage, grass and similar).
Primary reason for biogas production is economic gain from energy production and/or organic waste management that adds value to agriculture and food processing residues that would otherwise be treated as waste.
The purpose of the paper is to provide an overview of biogas production potential of Croatia at the level of statistical administrative units NUTS1 and NUTS2, excluding energy crops growing and agro-food imports but including the seasonality of substrate availability.


biogas; agriculture; potential assessment; Croatia

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