Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 74, No 3 (2009)

Amino Acid Composition, Urease Activity and Trypsin Inhibitor Activity after Toasting of Soybean in Thick and Thin Layer

Tajana KRIČKA, Vanja JURIŠIĆ, Neven VOĆA, Duška ĆURIĆ, Tea Brlek SAVIĆ, Ana MATIN

Pages: 209-213


The objective of this study was to determine amino acid content, urease activity and trypsin inhibitor activity in soybean grain for polygastric animals’ feed aft er toasting with the aim to introduce thick layer in toasting technology. Hence, soybean was toasted both in thick and thin layer at 130 oC during 10 minutes. In order to properly monitor the technological process of soybean thermal processing, it was necessary to study crude protein content, urease activity, trypsin inhibitor activity and amino acid composition of soybean in natural and toasted samples. Results demonstrate that protein content in soybean toasted in thick and thin layer was found to be slightly increased while urease activity was reduced in relation to non-treated sample. Study also established a significant reduction of trypsin inhibitor activity aft er toasting, at higher extent in thin layer toasting. Amino acid content of soybean was slightly increased in relation to natural sample, as well as difference between amino acid content in samples toasted in thick and thin layers.


soybean; toasting; thick layer; thin layer

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