Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 74, No 3 (2009)

The Importance of Determination of some Physical – Chemical Properties of Wheat and Flour

Husejin KERAN, Mirsad SALKIĆ, Amra ODOBAŠIĆ, Midhat JAŠIĆ, Nihada AHMETOVIĆ, Indira ŠESTAN

Pages: 197-200


The content of the some ingredients, such as proteins, ash, etc. is important in food products, either they are present in raw materials or in final products. As wheat is also very important food raw material, and flour as the fi nal product of milling, it is important to know their specific physical – chemical properties. The importance of knowing the physical and chemical properties of wheat and flour is due to the determination of quality and kind of fl our which is produced after milling process.
In this work, some physical – chemical properties are determined and some comparations of characteristics were performed in both wheat and flour. Characteristics that were observed in this work are moisture content, ash content, protein content, Zeleny sedimentation value, gluten content and water adsorption values. On the base of results obtained in this work, some conclusions are made that could be useful for milling industry.


physical – chemical properties; flour; wheat

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