Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 74, No 3 (2009)

The Advantages of the Use of Ion- Selective Potentiometry in Relation to UV/VIS Spectroscopy


Pages: 139-142


Electro analytical methods have a long history of development. Ion-selective potentiometry is one of the electro analytical methods. There are some advantages of the use of Ion selective potentiometry (ISP) which is accurate, fast, economic and sensitive in relation to the standard method, UV/VIS spectroscopy. The development of potentiometric ion-selective electrodes is a very interesting field because it has a wide range of applications in determining ions in water and other mediums. The use of ion-selective electrodes enables the determination of ion species in a trace. Ion-selective electrodes are suitable for analysis in industry, for control processes, for physiological measurements and environmental monitoring. In recent years it was used for the determination of many ions in the food industry such as determination of calcium in milk products, fruit juice and different kinds of vegetables. In our experiment measurement of bottled water using ISP showed lower level of fluoride compared to measurement by UV/ VIS spectroscopy. This results confirmed higher sensitivity of ISE in reference to UV/VIS spectroscopy. By our experimental data we can conclude that the concentration in examined sample was within the allowed concentration according to World Health Organisation.


ion-selective potentiometry; ion- selective electrode; advantages

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