Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 75, No 3 (2010)

Comparative Studies on Growth and Remediation of Waste Water by Two Cyanobacterial Biofertilizers

Tartte VIJAYA, Chandra Mouli KALLA, Durga Srinivasa Murthy SISTLA, Fareeda G


Nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria are ecologically significant inputs in improving the plant productivity in tropical countries like India. Large scale cultivation of these organisms using inorganic media is relatively expensive. In the present study utilization of kitchen waste water emerged from a pilgrim centre as a source of nutrients and its remediation was compared using two blue green algal cultures viz. Anabeana variabilis and Nostoc muscorum. A complete randomized design was created for the experiment that was performed on BG-11, 100% and 75% KW (Kitchen Water) media. The physicochemical properties of waste water were analyzed before and after cultivation. It was found that the N. muscorum was more effective in removal of phosphorous and nitrogen contaminants from waste water to meet the standards of safe discharge besides producing more biomass compared to A. variabilis.


N. muscorum; A. variabilis; kitchen waste water; biomass; remediation

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