Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 62, No 3-4 (1997)

Cornhybrids seed yield in correlation with distance between father and mother components


Pages: 275-280


Experiment work that have been conducted during 1996 at selection field of Agricultural institute from Osijek shows connection between yield components and seed yield of corn with distance between mother and father lines during pollination. The investigations were conducted on three different hybrids in first, second and third rows of mother component distantly from father component. Seed numbers per row of corncob were the greatest by the first row of mother component (30,66) and the smallest one by the third row of mother component seeds (9,74). The differences in the numbers of rows per corncob and number in seeds per rows of corncorb, found between different distantly rows of mother component from father component, were statistically very significant (P


corn (Zea mays L.); hybrid; pollination; mother line; father linel; distance; corncob; yield components; seed yield

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