Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 62, No 3-4 (1997)

Nematode pests of mushrooms in Croatia


Pages: 281-284


The list and the description of the most harmful nematode species (Ditylenchus myceliophagus Goodey, Aphelenchoides composticola Franklin, Paraphelenchus myceliophthorus Goodey i Aphelenchus avenae Bastian) which are of the great economic importance are given in this work. During 1995, 1996 and in the beginnig of 1997 the analysis of compost and mushroom bed, in order to establish the presence of nematodes, were done. The samples of compost and mushroom bed which were or were not pasteurizated or treated by formalin were brought by mushroom producers from different parts of Croatia.
In the moust part of the samples no fungal - feeding nematodes or saprophagus nematodes were found. These results imply correctly done pasteurization of the compost and dezinfection of mushroom bed. In a few samples 1000-2000 saprophagus nematodes were found what outcame of bad prepared compost. Only in one case presence of the fungal-feeding nematode Aphelenchoides composticola Franklin (10 individuals per 100 ml substratum) was established.
In consideration of mushroom damages caused by nematodes some recommendations for nematodes control are given.


mushrooms; compost; mushroom bed; fungal-feeding nematodes; saprophagus nematodes; pasteurization

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