Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 1-2 (1998)

Quantitative and Genetic Analysis of Yield and Seed Quality Components in New Winter Wheat Varieties


Pages: 43-48


Long term genetic examination, selection of right parents for crossing and directed selection programs in hybrid population resulted with creation of new winter wheat varieties Kruna, Lara, Lenta, Perla and Astra. In examination conducted in few years period time all new cultivars shown considerably higher yield than standard variety Žitarka. 1000 kernel weight and hectoliter mass almost in all new varieties were on standard level. In new varieties ear was significantly longer than in standard variety Žitarka. From that we can conclude that increasing of the ear length have important influence on increasing of seed yield in new varieties. By the farinografic and extensografic quality index, protein content in seed, sedimentation values of flour and content of wet gluten varieties Lara, Kruna, Perla and especially Lenta can be classify in high quality winter wheat varieties. Results of genotype analysis of new varieties point on known varieties Žitarka and Slavonija. These varieties served as gene donators for some important economic traits in crossing for creating of new varieties.


winter wheat; selection; varieties; genetic examination

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