Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 1-2 (1998)

Rational Utilization of Agricultural Mechanization Resources on Family Farms


Pages: 27-41


Rational utilization factors of agricultural mechanization for selected family farms and for commune Bošnjaci was investigated. Investigation was performed on base of bookkeeping collected data about agricultural mechanization working condition daily through the whole year and on base of tehnological survey of plant production structure, size of arable land, condition and farm equipment degree with agricultural mechanization. Results of investigation point to an uneven dynamics of agricultural equipment utilization especially in plant production during the year with occurrence of rush-periods in april and october. Needy agricultural aggregate programmed number for investigated family farms and for whole township was determined considering on maximum load per decades. Number of necessary tractors, more exactly rational number of tractors in category A are 67, in category B are 43 units, while two wheat and two beet combines are sufficient for whole township Bošnjaci. Contemporary at the most of investigated family farms utilization of all the agricultural machines was extremely low, so it results with extremely low rational degree too. Agricultural machines rational degree increase is possible more significantly by: A more intensive utilization of agricultural machines, increasing a size of arable land and changing of plant production structure more exactly by a sowing and planting farming crops which need a larger expenditure of working hours per hectare and larger number of service-hours to other farms. The associateships of farmers which means agricultural mechanization rings. A supply and usage of secondhand machines which are technically and conceptionaly acceptable for labor. A better organization of managing works.


Family farm; mechanization ring of agriculture; rational utilization

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