Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 3 (1998)

Influence of Different Corn Feeding on the Results in Pig Fattening


Pages: 161-167


Three groups of pigs of a cross between a Large White and Swedish Landrace breeding indentical by sex, and kept on slatted floor, were fed rations based on dry corn or high moisture ground corn silage (HMCS), soybean and sunflower meal supplemented with synthetic lysine.
The pigs were fed for 120 days at initial body weight of 28 kg. The control group of pigs (n = 15) was fed dehydrated compounds: TS1 until 60 kg body weight and TS2 until the end of fattening. The share of HMCS and superconcentrates (SC) in rations for pigs from the experimental group 1 (n = 16) and group 2 (n = 16) was calculated based on dry matter (DM) by applying Pearson's square. Water was not added to the moist compound of HMCS and SC for the pigs from the group 1 (wet feed). The ratio of the HMCS plus the superconcentrate and water in diets for the pigs from the group 2 was 1 : 1.5 (liquid feed). The ratio of HMCS and the SC1 during feeding and the SC2 until the end of fattening was 70 : 30. The pigs from the experiment were fed in groups, on a regular basis two daily rations.
Average daily intake of DM in a ration was about the same for all groups. The highest daily gain of 0.689 kg (0.624 kg : 0.689 kg : 0,668 kg) and the best usability of the feed 2.77 kg ST/kg of weight gain (3.10 kg : 2.77 kg : 2.94 kg DM/kg of weight gain) was achieved with the pigs from the group 1, which is nonsignificant by more than 10.4% (P>0,05) and 10.6% respectively relative to the results from the control group.
The pigs from the control group, as compared to those from the experimental groups 1 and 2 had nonsignificantly higher carcass meat percentage (51.44% : 50.78% : 50.20 %) and slightly higher pH1 and pH2 of the meat, lower percentage of intramuscular fat (2.91 % : 3.20 % : 3.31 %), and significantly thinner backfat (20.4 mm : 22.9 mm : 26.9 mm). The poorest meatiness and meat quality was achieved in pigs from the group 2 which were fed HMCS with water added.


fattening pigs; high moisture ensiled corn; daily gain; meat quality

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