Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 3 (1998)

Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Quality and Yields of Fodder Kale Variety "Maksimirski visoki"


Pages: 155-160


Effect of different N fertilizers (KAN, UREA) and different N rates (50, 100, 150 kg/ha) in top dressing applications (one, two, three) on yields od fodder kale variety "Maksimirski visoki" was studied in three year investigations at the Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture in comparison with the check (only initial fertilization with 500 kg/ha NPK 8:26:26). Increased N rates in top dressing applications influenced higher yields of green mass from 52.72 t/ ha to 67.08 t/ha in top dressing with KAN, and to 58.72 t/ha in top dressing with urea. Top dressing with KAN reduced dry matter content from 15.6 % to 15.0 % (three applications), and the one with urea to 14.3 % of dry matter. Higher N rates caused lower dry matter content in the green mass. Top dressing with KAN increased dry matter yields from 7.98 t/ha (the check with no top dressing) to 9.83 t/ha (three top dressing applications), while top dressing with 50 kg/ha of N in the form of urea influenced lower yields than the check by 2.5 %. Two top dressing applications with urea gave 1.11 % higher yields than the check, and three top dressing applications (150 kg/ha N) resulted in 8.05 % yield increase. Top dressing with KAN in comparison with urea gave higher dry matter content by 9.82 % with one application, 11.36 % with two applications and 12.33 % with three applications.


fodder kale; new varieties; N-fertilization; yields; quality

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