Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 4 (1998)

Land Information System of Zagreb Country


Pages: 219-231


Application of GIS technology in evaluation of land suitability for arable, vegetable, orchard and vineyard crops, and the evaluation of soils for grassland respectively is the basic subject of this paper.
On the example of the Zagreb County, including the area of the City of Zagreb, the computor model of land use possibilities is presented, as well as the digital method of interpretation of soil types, then suitability classes and properties, along with integrated interpretation. The materials of the Basic Soil Map of Croatia were used, as well as others which were introduced into the soil database of scale 1:50 000 by digitalization and generalization. By means of the ArcView 3.0 program application was carried out according to modified criteria of FAO classification, determining the areas of soil types for specific agricultural use.
The areas were determined according to suitability classes, as a basis for economic evaluation and financial support to development of family farms in the Zagreb County. On the territory of the Zagreb County, including the city of Zagreb, there are 138,444 ha of land suitable for arable farming. Out of this, 29,913 ha are Class P-1 - good suitability, 30,886 ha of Class P-2 - moderate suitability, and 77,645 ha of Class P-3 - limited suitability. Soils suitable for vegetable farming comprise 52,314 ha. For orchards there are 12,225 ha of soils of good and moderate suitability, and for vineyards there are only 743 ha of first class, 13,276 ha of second class, and 3,753 ha with major constraints. Almost all soils are suitable for grassland (205,158 ha).


land suitability; agriculture; evaluation; LIS

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