Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 4 (1998)

Relationships of Sensory Factors of Quality and Chemical Composition of Flue-cured Tobacco Produced in Croatia


Pages: 213-218


The investigation of the relationships of certain visual and chemical quality parameters of flue-cured tobacco produced in Croatia was carried out. The content of nicotine, total N, proteins nad mineral components was analysed in different tobacco grades collected at the entire Croatian producing area. The content of the analysed components was investigated in correlation with tobacco visual quality parameters - five leaf groups, four colours and five qualities. The obtained results have shown strong correlations between the visual and chemical traits of tobacco quality. It was evident that the nicotine content was mostly related to the leaf position and the change of colour. The content of nitrogen and proteins is changing mainly with the change of colour and quality, respectively, and those components were somewhat less related to the plant position. The sugar level is connected mostly to the quality of leaf. The content of sugars is drastically reduced with the lowering of tobacco quality. A significant positive correlation of sugars with relative index value and visual leaf quality, respectively, was found, with correlation coeficient r = 0.839. On the other side, the relative index value had a significant and negative correlation coeficient with the content of nitrogen substances, r = -0.867. The research results have shown that the nicotine and ash had also some negative effects to the quality of the tobacco.


tobacco; flue-cured; quality; chemical composition; correlation

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