Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 4 (1998)

Research of Constructional and Working Characteristics of Mouldboard


Pages: 199-205


The aim of this research was to determine constructional differences between three mouldboards and their influence on specific resistance of ploughing. Characteristic angles of mouldboards a, b and g were analysed by laboratory measuring on co-ordinate system. After laboratory measuring fild testing were carried out.
Laboratory measuring determined no significant differnces between mouldboards regarding value of a angle. A considerable differences were determined with b and g angles of mouldboard A and B in comparison to mouldboard C. Initial measured values of b angle of mouldboard A and B were 31°, and 48° at mouldboard C. Initial values of g angle at first two mouldboards were 25-30°, and 40° at mouldboard C.
Field research was carried out at two velocities 4,6 km/h and 6,9 km/h, and depths within range 28 to 35 cm. Precise determination of constructional characteristics influence on specific resistance was done by increasing depth of plouging within mentioned range by 1 cm. The mean specific resistance at velocity of 4,6 km/h was 6,2 N/dm 2 for mouldboards A and B, and 5,4 N/cm 2 for mouldboard C, while the mean specific resistance at velocity of 6,9 km/h were 9,1 N/cm 2 , 7,9 N/cm 2 and 6,5 N/cm 2 for mouldboards A, B and C respectively.
The research showed that low initial value of angles a, b and g at ploughs A and B and especially its higher values towards mouldboard wing influenced higher values of specific resistance.


mouldboard; specific resistance; plough depth; plough speed

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