Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 64, No 1 (1999)

Groundwater Dynamics in Part of the Sava River Valley


Pages: 49-58


The main research object was to determine the dynamics of groundwater in the area Oborovo. Major hydrological indicators (precipitation, Sava water level, groundwater level in hydro-pedological and hydro-geological piezometers) were analyzed per monthly decades during a fiveyear period. Relation of the analyzed hidrological indicators was determined using the method of cross-correlation analysis. A slight increasing trend was determined for precipitation and middle water of the Sava during the trial period. Marked differences in groundwater dynamics were also recorded. The highest monthly and annual fluctuations of groundwater level were recorded in the immediate vicinity of the Sava. Going away from the river, the fluctuation got much less expressed. Direct influence of the Sava water level upon groundwater dynamics was determined within a narrow belt next to the river. The prevailing direction of the groundwater course is from the elevated peripheral parts of the Sava basin toward the Sava River. The Sava and the other surface watercourses, Zelina, Črnec and the Lonja-Strug Canal, have no considerable influence on the genesis and dynamics of groundwater in the area under study.


precipitation; water level; groundwater level; piezometer; hydroamelioration; soil

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