Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 64, No 1 (1999)

Components of Genetic Variance of Leaf Parameters in Burley Tobacco

Jasminka BUTORAC

Pages: 33-41


Four parent burley tobacco cultivars and their 6 F 1 hybrids were included in the 4-year trial (1992 to 1995). The trial was set up according to the RCBD in 4 replications. According to the components of genetic variance, the manner of inheritance of seven leaf parameters, depending on the leaf position on stalk, was estimated. The leaf length, leaf width, leaf area and leaf thickness were equally inherited by additive and nonadditive variance, while the leaf angle was only inherited by additive variance, independently of leaf position on stalk. The inheritance of L/W leaf ratio and leaf weight changed depending on their stalk position. According to the estimated degree of dominance for all studied traits the overdominant inheritance was present on 12 th and 18 th leaf position, while in some years the partial dominance was present on 6 th leaf position. According to the F and Kd/Kr ratio values prepondence of dominant genes over recessive genes was estimated, independently of leaf position on stalk. No symmetric distribution of dominant and recessive genes in parents was obtained.


Nicotiana tabacum L; burley; components of genetic variance; leaf parameters; leaf position on stalk

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