Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 64, No 2 (1999)

Agrobiologocal and Technological Characteristics of Table Grape Cultivar Danlas White

Melita FAZINIĆ, Bernard KOZINA

Pages: 103-111


Viticulture has always been primarity directed towards growing wine cultivars white table grape cultivar growing was limited to very few highly valued cultivars which found their position in the big market.\nA bigger interest has been shown in growing table grapes in Croatia in the latest 30 years through the existence of PK "Zadar" in the Zadar area. In this period 32 tables grape cultivars were introduced with objective to enrich the cultivars of the subregion of Northern Dalmatia. The latest introduction in 1985 included six new French cultivars among which there is Danlas white cultivar.\nThe results of five-year follow-up and three year research gave a detailed insight into basic agrobiological and economic and technological characteristics of this cultivar in the agrotehnical and ecological surroundings of the Ravni Kotari area.\nAccording to the research results we can find out, that it is very valuable table grapes cultivar which has shown a very positive ratio of quantity and quality of grapes yield.


introduction; Danlas white cultivar; agrobiological characteristics; agrotechnique

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