Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 64, No 2 (1999)

Inheritance of some Leaf Parameters in Burley Tobacco

Jasminka BUTORAC

Pages: 87-96


Four parent burley tobacco cultivars and their F1, F2, Bc1 and Bc2 progenies were included in in 4-year trial, the aim of which was to investigate the manner of inheritance of seven leaf parameters, depending on their position on stalk, by means of heritability, heterosis and inbreeding depression. The trial was set up according to the RCBD in 4 replications.
Medium to high broad-sense heritability, which was the highest for 6th leaf for the most studied traits, and low to medium narrow-sense heritability, firstly for L/W leaf ratio and leaf thickness, were estimated. The possitive heterosis was estimated also in relation to better parent for leaf length, leaf width, leaf area and leaf weight, while for L/W leaf ratio, heterosis was estimated, indenpendently of leaf position on stalk. The possitive inbreeding depression was estimated for all studied traits, except for L/W leaf ratio, in most cross combinations and investigation years.


Nicotiana tabacum L; heritability; heterosis; inbreeding depression; leaf parameters; leaf position on stalk

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