Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 64, No 3 (1999)

OS-Barley Cultivars under Moderate Continental Climate of Croatia and Hungary

Alojzije LALIĆ, Josip KOVAČEVIĆ, Gyorgy MIKES

Pages: 199-204


In this paper parameters of stability of grain yields for two-rowed OS-barley cultivars Rodnik and Rex, and that are planting on the large area in Croatia and Hungary (Schildbach and Burbidge, 1996), standard cultivars of six-rowed winter barley cultivars in OMMI (Országos Mesogazdasági Minosito Intezet-Hungary) Eszter and Attila, and six-rowed winter barley cultivar Plaisant, standard cultivar in Croatian Official Varietal Registration Commission trials, were estimated. Cultivars Rodnik, Plaisant and Attila have shown a significant reaction regarding conditions of production because in that sense they had significantly different coefficients of regression (b) from b=1. Cultivar Rex under all conditions of production has realised greater grain yields than the average of trials, although as conditions of production were improving grain yields of cultivar Rex had a tendency of slight decreasing of coefficient of regression (b=0.956). Favourable reaction in worse conditions of production has cultivar Rodnik (b=0.819), but with significant relative decreasing of grain yield in comparison with average grain yield of all cultivars in trials in better conditions of production. In worse conditions of production (trials of lower level of grain yields) cultivars of two-rowed winter barley Rodnik and Rex has responded by grain yield better than cultivars of six-rowed winter barley Attila, Plaisant and Eszter. Attila and Plaisant are cultivars which grain yield ability comes to expression in better conditions of production, and in more yielding years and better conditions of production realise higher grain yields (b=1.146; b=1.117).


breeding; cultivar; grain yield; two-rowed winter barley; six-rowed winter barley; grain yield; conditions of production; stability parameters; Hungary; Croatia

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