Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 65, No 3 (2000)

Combining Abilities of Agronomic and Morphological Traits in Burley Tobacco


Pages: 153-159


Two-year investigations (1998-1999) of diallel crosses with four parent cultivars of burley tobacco (TN 86, Saturn, Bs 92, Bols 100) and their six F1 hybrids were carried out at the experimental field of Tobacco Institute Zagreb in Pitomača. The trial was set up according to the RCBD in four replications. Standard agrotehnics for this tobacco type were applied in tobacco growing. The goal of these investigation was to estimate on specific genetic materials the values of parent genotypes as combiners and the best specific cross combinations for agronomic (yield, price and income) and morphological traits (topping height, leaf number, days to flowering, leaf length, leaf width and leaf area and internode length). Significant differences between parents and F1 hybrids were found for all investigation traits and years according to analysis of variance. Significant general and specific combining ability were also estimated for all investigation traits, except of specific combining ability for price in both investigation years. According to the GCA/SCA ratio, a higher GCA values were estimated for most traits. The cultivars TN 86 and Bs 92 were the best general combiners, while TN 86 x Bs 92, TN 86 x Bols 100 i Bs 92 x Bols 100 were the best specific combinations in both investigation years.


Nicotiana tabacum L.; burley; combining abilities; agronomic and morphological traits

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