Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 65, No 4 (2000)

The Influence of Fed in Sheep on Preferability of Vegetative Growth of Different Kinds of Grass


Pages: 187-197


Method of Latin square 4x4 has been carried out to study level fed influence in sheep of four level of hay on preferibility of vegetative growth of Dactylis glomerata cv B-15, Festuca arundinacea cv B-18, Phleum pratense cv B-10 and Festuca pratensis cv B-14 bred in pure culture on height above sea-level of 680 m in Zagreb mountain. Preferibility was measured like relative part of particles of eaten forage in extrus that were collected in oesophagus bag after first 30 min of pasture. Total solids of grass are more or less well balanced: 16.41-18.98% CP, 22.83-24.41% CF and 7.13-7.57 MJ/kg TS. Dactylis glomerata and Festuca pratensis have most nutritives in higher concentration than other two grasses. By the selection of grass sheep are forming ratio measured as oesophagus extrus, which is better in quality than grass average and little higher than are sheep needs. Sheep extrus is composed from mostly (P


sheep; preferibility; fed level; Dactylis glomerata cv B-15; Festuca arundinacea cv B-18; Phleum pratense cv B-10; Festuca pratensis cv B-14

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