Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 66, No 2 (2001)

Correction of Excessive Soil Acidity with Different Liming Materials


Pages: 75-93


Aimed at defining the differences between 8 liming materials and their influence on chemical properties of Dystric Luvisols at Central Podravina region, stationary investigations were carried out. Different liming materials were applied in two doses. Applied materials were hydrated lime (4.5 and 9.0 t/ha), sugar factory waste lime (15 and 30 t/ha), ground soft lithothamnium limestone (6 and 12 t/ha), not ground soft lithothamnium limestone (6 and 12 t/ha), hard limestone - calcite (6 and 12 t/ha), dolomite (6 and 12 t/ha), phosphogypsum (12,5 and 25 t/ha) and special natural substrata with zeolite (1.0 and 1.5 t/ha) combined with hard limestone (1.5 t/ha).
According to the changes of soil pH, hydrolytic acidity, base saturation level and mobile aluminium content in soil for all investigation years, the differences in rapidity and duration of activity of particular liming material were recorded. Hydrated lime, sugar factory waste lime, ground soft lithothamnium limestone, hard limestone and dolomite influenced the soil chemical properties on the similar way, but not equally. When higher doses of these materials were applied the excessive soil acidity was almost completely neutralised. Compared to the other liming materials the efficacy of not ground lithothamnium limestone was somewhat lower, and that of phosphogypsum and special natural substrata was considerably lower. Winter wheat and corn were used as test crops and they were grown in the crop sequence winter wheat – corn – corn – winter wheat. According to the winter wheat and corn grain yield recorded at different trial treatments, the trial was statistically significant in all 4 years of investigation. At the first investigation year the highest yield of winter wheat was recorded at the treatment with higher dose of sugar factory waste lime. At the second, third and fourth year highest yields of test crops were obtained at trial treatment with higher dose of ground soft lithothamnium limestone.


Dystric Luvisols; different liming materials; liming; corn; winter wheat

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