Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 66, No 3 (2001)

Economic Traits of New Domestic and Foreign Sunflower Hybrids in Western Slavonia


Pages: 153-160


Sunflower production is currently mainly restricted to eastern Slavonia and Baranja. Insufficient production of oil plants in the Republic of Croatia as well as introduction of new sunflower hybrids makes it necessary to extend sunflower production also to other regions. The objective of this research was to determine economic traits of new domestic and foreign sunflower hybrids in agro ecological conditions of western Slavonia, and on the basis of research results introduced in production only the most promising hybrids. During the 1998, 1999 and 2000 evaluation of 48 domestic and foreign sunflower hybrids was carried out in locality Nova Gradiška (45o13′812″ N, 17o18′823″ E). The researches were showed significant influence of agro ecological conditions (year) on sunflower economic traits. Significant differences in potential fertility for seed and crude oil yield were determined. According to macro trial results obtained in PPK Nova Gradiška significant differences in researched economic traits were not determined among the most domestic and foreign sunflower hybrids. High oil content in seed (53-56% on dry matter basis) was obtained by hybrids Sc 648 and Lucil in 1998, AO 5413 and Inagri 104 in 1999, Sc 665 and Sc 664 in 2000. High seed and crude oil yield in 1998 obtained hybrids Anasol and Candisol, in 1999 Anasol and Inagri 104 and in 2000 Alzan and Opera. Among the five hybrids which were in research all three years hybrid Util obtained significantly the highest crude oil yield (1,61 t/ha).


sunflower hybrids; seed and oil yield

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