Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 66, No 3 (2001)

Regression Analysis of some Leaf Parameters of Burley Tobacco

Jasminka BUTORAC

Pages: 145-151


Four parent burley tobacco cultivars and their six F1 hybrids were included in four-year trial, the aim of which was to investigate the manner of inheritance of five leaf parameters (lenght, width, area, thickness and weight), depending on their position on stalk, by means of regression analysis. The trial was set up according to the RCBD in four replications. Superdominance in inheritance of leaf length, area and thickness, independently of position on stalk, and in inheritance of width of 12th and 18th leaf and weight of 18th leaf was estimated by the graphic method. No interallelic interaction is present by testing regression coefficient for the most investigation traits, except for length of 12th and 18th leaf. Distribution of parent genotypes on the scatter diagram along the expected regression line points to genetic divergence of the parents. The highest number of dominant genes were found for most studied traits for 6th leaf for the cultivar Poseydon and for 12th and 18th leaf for the cultivar TN 86.


Nicotiana tabacum L.; burley; regression analysis; leaf parameters; leaf; position on stalk

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