Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 66, No 4 (2001)

Breakage of Corn Kernel on an Vertical Elevator Transportation


Pages: 203-215


Examining breakage of corn kernel on an elevator, the means for vertical transportation, the paper compares the mechanical resistance of the OSSK 552 maize hybrid when entering and leaving the elevator. The declared capacity of the elevator was 64 m3/h, the volume of each of the 360 buckets contained 2.1 dm3, the number of turns of the reductor and consequently of the upper drive pulley of the elevator amounted to 80 min-1. It was established that during the mentioned transportation the breakage had increased, but not in same amount. The damage was examined on samples of different moisture content distributed into four groups: 28-30 %;23-25 %;17 19 % and 11-13 %. In the 29 % moisture content of the material the end of breakage was 1,33% higher than the beginning one. If expressed relatively, this is a difference of 19,32 %. In the moisture of the corn kernel of 23 %, this difference amounted to 1,03 %, relatively 22,94 %, while in the moisture of the material of 18 %, the difference was 2,34 %, relatively 30,51 %. In the driest sample of the material, of 12 %, the difference amounted to 2,57 %, relatively even 24,83 %.


corn kernel; characteristics of handling; elevator

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