Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 67, No 2 (2002)

Effect of Drainpipe Spacing on the Yield of Field Crops Grown on Hydroameliorated Soil

Franjo TOMIĆ, Ivan ŠIMUNIĆ, Dragutin PETOŠIĆ, Davor ROMIĆ, Zlatko ŠATOVIĆ

Pages: 101-105


The research objective was to investigate the effect of different drainpipe spacing variants on the yield of field crops grown on hydroameliorated soil and to determine, applying the analysis of variance, the significance of the difference in yields between the tested variants.
Investigations were carried out on hydroameliorated Gleyic Podzoluvisol on the experimental amelioration field Jelenščak-Kutina (central Sava valley) in the 1990-1993 and 1995-1999 periods.
Four different variants of drainpipe spacing were tested in the trial (15 m, 20 m, 25 m and 30 m) in four replications. The same crop was grown and the same agricultural practices applied at the same time in all trial variants and in all trial years.
During the research period, maize was grown in five years, winter wheat in three and oats in one year. Yields of the same crops differed per years and per different drainpipe spacing due to different factors, such as the genetic characteristics of the cultivars, or hybrids, different quantities and distribution of precipitation during the trial years, soil moisture before drilling, number of plants per unit area, total fertilizer applied and top-dressing pattern in the growing season, as well as the time of harvest.
The highest maize yield was achieved in 1991 and ranged from 88.00 dt/ha (15 m spacing) to 71.74 t/ha (30 m). The lowest maize yield was recorded in 1996 - from 58.20 dt/ha (15 m) to 43.48 dt/ha (30 m). The highest wheat yield was achieved in 1991 - from 57.96 dt/ha (15 m) to 52.35 dt/ha (30 m), and the lowest in 1998 - from 38.88 dt/ha (20 m) to 30.88 dt/ha (30 m). Oats yield ranged from 42.19 dt/ha (15 m) to 37.59 t/ha (30 m). Analysis of variance, done separately for each trial year, rendered highly significant differences (p


yield; maize; winter wheat; oats; hydroameliorated Gleyic Podzoluvisol; pipe drainage; drainpipe spacing

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