Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 67, No 2 (2002)

Mathematical Models of Influence of Total Admixtures and Kernel Moisture on Hectoliter Weight of Wheat

Tajana KRIČKA, Željko JUKIĆ, Neven VOĆA, Sandra VOĆA, Denis MAKSIĆ

Pages: 91 - 99


With the purpose of determining if relationships between hectoliter weight, total admixtures and their components and kernel moisture can be mathematically modeled, wheat kernel samples were taken at the point of entering a silo in anorthwestern Croatia in a period of three years (1997–1999). The intention of the research was to determine mutual interaction of the above mentioned factors, with taking no consideration of data connected to varieties or agrotechnology. It means that the purpose was to get insight into the actual situation at the entry point of the silo, with wheat grown with the higher level of agrotechnology as well the wheat grown with a lower level of agrotechnology. Twenty samples were taken every year at random. Hectoliter weight, kernel moisture and total admixtures were measured for every sample, and in the last year of the research (1999) the amounts of black and white admixtures as well as their components. The mutual interaction among the above mentioned factors as well as the influence of white and black admixture components on the hectoliter weight and the kernel moisture were shown with help of a correlation coefficient. The mutual interaction among the above mentioned factors was mathematically modeled by means of linear equations. Hectoliter weight and total admixtures showed negative average correlation in the three-year research period (r=–0.38; P


wheat; admixtures; kernel moisture; purification; kernel moisture

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